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Blue Logic are now offering website consultant services.

Blue Logic is branching out and is now offering services as a Website Consultant. As a website consultant, Blue Logic will sit with you to work out what it is you need from your site. We will do in depth market research into keywords, we can advise you on effective Google Adwords campaigns and help you monitor and understand your website.

We have identified that sometimes clients who are looking to get a new website go from designer to designer, talk to developers and marketing people and end up with a pile of un-equal facts and figures to digest, then hopefully they can go back to the designer they think can deliver most of the key things they need and begin the process of getting a new website.

As a website consultant, Blue Logic will sit with you to develop a clear picture of what you want from your website and how best to create that to give your clients the site that you need them to access. We will look at your audience, the aims and goals of your website and help you develop a blueprint to take to the web designers.

Once we have helped you to put together a blueprint for your website, Blue Logic will sit with you as an independant advisor and help you understand all the designers and developers points, suggestions and ideas and help you come up with a plan that suits you and your business. We will help you to wade through the marketing spiels and sales pitches and dig down to the root of who can offer what, and which website designer can provide you with the solution that best meets your needs.

During the building of your website we will help you to make sure that milestones are met, help you navigate through changes to the blueprint that arise during the project (this isn't an uncommon occurance) and get to a finished product that you are happy to tell the world about.

Our final role in being your website consultant is to help you to take control of your website, teach you how to monitor your traffic, understand Search Engine Optimisation, understand how to help Google and other search engine to keep loving your site and many other factors.

To take the first step today, contact Blue Logic about being your website consultant, and let us help you get the website you need built. Please call us on
[07] 4829 3457 or Email Us.



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