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Blue Logic is a Mackay based PHP web development company committed to creating easy to use products that will allow businesses simple and cost effective solutions to every day problems.

To find out about how Blue Logic can help deliver custom solutions to your clients please Contact Us and we would love to chat with you and show you what we can do.

Blue Logic Products

Our customised CMS (Content Management Systems) enables designers to have complete design freedom while still being able to deliver excellent sites that exactly meet their client's needs.

Mackay Web Hosting Blue Logic now offers Mackay Web Hosting at affordable rates. Our web hosting plans range from $50/yr for webmail hosting to $150/yr for full eCommerce hosting. Find out more about our web hosting.

Blue Logic Latest News

March 2019 - Website Consultant
Blue Logic is now offering services as a website consultant. If you need a complex website and aren't sure where to start, or are feeling overwhelmed by the quotes and information you have received from web designers Blue Logic can help wade through it all and help you work towards the website you need.

If you're interested in how our customised solutions can benifit your clients please call us on [07] 4829 3457 or Email Us and we'd love to show you what we do.

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